What a fabulous read! I truly loved this sensuous and subtle tale of an older woman, discovering her inner goddess and true power. If you are a woman who has found herself realizing that you have forgotten to nurture yourself and your own happiness, this is a perfect read. What I also liked, is that Anthony's novel is clearly written for the intelligent woman - it’s a thinking woman's book, and not an all-out erotic fiction. It’s so much more than that - it’s a journey, a story about self-realization. It's a love story with a twist - where I was once again reminded of that age-old wisdom - you have to love yourself first before you can find romantic love. I would call this 'contemporary women's intelligent fiction - with well-handled sex scenes that fit perfectly into a plot line that any of us could find ourselves in. There is a visceral element to the sex scenes, and whilst the sex scenes are raw, they are delicate and offer escapism to women who find themselves at a similar juncture in their lives, questioning the viability of their own sexual revolution. It’s not vulgar in any way - in fact, the sex scenes are handled with such eloquence and subtlety, that you are invited simply to enjoy the ride. I really look forward to more novels from this author.


This debut novel by Chrissie Anthony is a sexy read about Eve who lost the love of her life and is having trouble moving on. At 49 she hasn't allowed herself to fully appreciate and accept the powers that her womanhood allow her. When her friends finally talk her into trying online dating she starts to peel back the layers that will eventually lead to her metamorphosis as a sexual human being who loves sex and her own femininity. But until she can fully embrace her new self she will have to kiss some frogs along the way, invest in a catalyst for the change and give herself over to someone else who can help her open herself up. There is that abstract enough for ya....writing this I wonder if I have given you enough to decide if the book is for you.

Basically in a nutshell Quiver is about a woman who like most of us has a Goddess living inside her but she doesn't know how to let her out. I loved reading about Eve. I loved that she was older, had a few miles on her and some baggage. This made it something I could totally relate to. I loved her relationship with her girlfriends because we all have them and most of us wouldn't be able to get through a day without our core group of friends.

It is a great read. You will love it.


As we age our belief in our inner beauty and the Goddess within flounders and quietly withers until a book like Quiver comes along, stimulating our self- awareness and motivating us to reclaim our true status. To once again become an entity of passion and a person capable of riding the deeply sensuous waves of sexual pleasure.

Quiver allows women to reopen their lives at a time when they thought it was all over. Too often the romanticism is around younger women and of course men of all ages. Women have a resilience and a resolve to accept what is served up to them but the story here changes that direction and could well give real people another go at life and loving. Wonderful read, can’t wait for Chrissie’s next book.

CAROLYN WEBSTER, Deputy CEO Woodanilling WA


Led me on a wonderful journey. A path yet to tread. Life is not over till it's over! Beautifully written. A mature woman's "how to" hand book! The trials and tribulations of looking for love and finding a partner all encased in a romantic wandering. Perfect holiday read.



Quiver is a humorous, daring and intelligent read. It will have every woman north of forty embarking on their own quest for transformation and ultimate fulfilment.

SAMANTHA TIDY, multi award winning author, The Happiness Jar


A modern day Lady Chatterley’s Lover meets a thinking woman’s Fifty Shades of Grey in a passionate and daring quest with profound consequences. Beautifully told against the backdrop of the changing seasons in eve’s lush garden of delights.

MICHAEL LEON, author Cube Ball, Emissary


I really identified with the character Anthony. Apart from making Eve quiver, he highlights the role a good escort can play in a woman’s sexual healing. By helping Eve overcome her psychic wounding and cultural conditioning, she was freed to fulfil her potential and unleash the wild woman that resides within every woman.

ADRIAN, male escort

Like most romance novels, the strength of Quiver resides in just how well it presents desires and their fulfillment. To this end, Anthony has written a well-structured novel that moves along at a satisfyingly quick pace. Quiver is novel of sexual and spiritual awakening acquiting itself quite well. The genre could do with more novels like Anthony’s.